Corporate Training

Corporate Training


A Traineeship is an opportunity for your employees to work full-time or part-time whilst undertaking training to achieve a Nationally Recognised Qualification. The purpose of the traineeship is to attract and retain young talent by developing opportunities for new or existing employees who have entry level or no previous qualifications. It provides an opportunity to improve skill levels, retain staff and offer career development for all your employees. New worker Traineeships can also attract government incentives, and payroll tax exemption rebates apply for new and existing workers when federal and state eligibility criteria is met.

Corporate site Training And VOC’s

RMS delivers remote and onsite training for Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas and Construction companies, including government projects. We offer a range of industry experienced trainers and assessors readily available for site mobilisation to facilitate training, assessing or Verification of Competency. For all remote and onsite training requirements, our Project Managers are able to directly coordinate with regional business, large companies, local government/councils and individuals for the training and assessing of workers.

VOC’s On Wheatstone – Preferred

Did you know RMS is on the Wheatstone preferred provider training matrix for the Chevron Wheatstone Project? We can conduct VOC’s at our Joondalup branch, we understand that production is paramount it’s not always practical to take employees of their duties and send them to a training facility, we are able to mobilise a trainer to Wheatstone at a trainer day rate.

Corporate Branch Courses

RMS understands that it’s not always practical for companies to have training facilitated at their premises, as the use of equipment can disrupt production and day to day business. For Corporate branch bookings our corporate services coordinator is able to directly coordinate with regional business, large companies, local government/councils and individuals to book the training and assessing of workers at our Joondalup branch. A discount may be available for group bookings and multiple course bookings.

Verification of Competency Assessments (VOC’S)

Verification of Competency (VOC) is a method of assessment that assists employers to meet OHS requirements and ensure staff members are competent to operate equipment or perform a task. New national OHS harmonisation laws bring greater importance to employers due diligence and obligation to ensure an individual has “current competency”. No longer is just holding a ticket or qualification enough for an employer to believe an individual is competent.

Verification of Competency enforcement is new for industry and is subject to interpretation. Working with industry leading clients, Richards Mining Services has developed a formal process that allows for flexibility to meet client needs whilst maintaining a high standard of assessment. Assessors are industry experts holding all relevant qualifications combined with years of experience, VOC’s can be conducted either at your premises or our Joondalup branch.

Training Resource Development And Site Productivity Assessments

RMS has built a strong reputation for developing state of the art, industry relevant, training systems and materials scoped to relevant competencies within the VQF framework. Our solutions are often innovative and geared towards improving your company’s overall productivity levels.
Just as every company is different so too are our training programs. Specific training resources are developed for each client and each site, complete with built in assessment tools.

Driver Training

RMS operates a fleet of new training trucks at  our  training branch in Joondalup WA. The Fleet consists of MR and HR vehicles. RMS invests heavily to ensure that all training trucks are the latest models, offering students the peace of mind of learning in state of the art trucks, in comfort and safety.

Unlike other training schools RMS has implemented a proven staged training system which sees the introduction to the student of the various gearbox configurations of heavy vehicles, this ensures the student learns in a low stress environment contributing to improved learning. We believe this system is responsible for maintaining RMS’ record of having the highest pass rate in driver training

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