Gas Test Atmospheres

imageedit_1_9573256995Gas test Atmospheres. The correct detection and monitoring techniques of potentially hazardous gases is a crucial aspect of entering and working in confined spaces or hazardous environments.
This course is designed for those who are required to carry out gas testing of an atmosphere prior to entering a specific area or workspace to determine if it is safe.

Participants will learn the necessary skills and knowledge required to effectively undertake testing and sampling of hazardous environments.

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 Statement of Attainment on completion

✓ Theory and practical training components

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• Determine the type of gas/atmosphere to be tested
• Identification of common chemical asphyxiants
• Selection and calibration of equipment
• Identification of hazards from possible atmosphere contaminants
• Implement hazard control measures
• Use gas testing equipment to test
• Interpret and report readings
• Monitor gas on an ongoing basis as required
• Clean and maintain gas testing equipment
• Inspect and fault find monitoring equipment
• Identification of exposure standards.
• Apply hazard identification and risk assessment.
• Monitor the atmosphere on an ongoing basis
• Clean and maintain testing equipment

Course Outcome MSAPMOHSW217A



 Whilst not mandatory the expectation within the industry is to complete this course in conjunction or post completion of RIIOHS204D Enter and Work in Confined Spaces   

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