TLI41218: Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Car Driving Instruction)

This qualification is for those engaged in car driving instructor job roles within the Transport and Logistics Industry.
This qualification is for those engaged in car driving instructor job roles within the Transport and Logistics Industry.
The presentation of this qualification to the Department of Transport WA together with a National Police Clearance, completed Application for Instructor Licence and completed Medical Assessment Certificate form (M107A) completes the documentation requirements to be considered for certification as a Motor Vehicle Driving Instructor as defined by the Department of Transport WA.

In order to obtain an Instructor’s Licence the Department of Transport WA also require you to:
  • Hold a current Western Australian Motor Drivers Licence
  • Have held, for a minimum of three continuous years, the class of driver’s licence for which you wish to provide instruction
  • Be a fit and proper person, which includes medical fitness
  • Be of good character (based on information obtained through the police certificate and, if required character references) and
  • Be 21 years of age or over
The Department of Transport WA may refuse to grant accreditation to a person who has been convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code or is currently charged with an offence under the criminal code and the charge has not been fully disposed of.
RMS encourage all potential students to ensure they meet the above requirements prior to enrolling in this course and advise RMS will not be held responsible for decisions made by the Department of Transport WA on the suitability of individual candidates
This qualification consists of 12 Core units comprising:
  • BSBRKG304        Maintain Business Records
  • TAEDEL301        Provide Work Skill Instruction
  • TAEDES401        Design and Develop Learning Programs
  • TLIC1051            Operate a Commercial Vehicle
  • TLIC3036            Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours
  • TLIF1001             Follow Work Health and Safety Procedures
  • TLIG2007            Work in a Socially Diverse Environment
  • TLII1002              Apply Customer Service Skills
  • TLIL2060             Complete Induction to the Transport Industry
  • TLIL4009             Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development
  • TLIM0001           Conduct Learner Driver Training
  • TLIM4001           Develop Safe Car Driving Behaviours in Others
This course will commence with a face to face training block of five (5) days followed by a second face to face training block of three (3) days.   All content for this qualification is provided online with access through our student portal.  Each unit requires students to complete content and projects online as well as those projects and activities in the classroom during the face to face training blocks.
Practical assessments will be conducted during the face to face training blocks and will include:
  • A driving evaluation assessment at the commencement of the course (this will determine candidates’ ability to drive the vehicle for the class they intend to instruct)
  • A final assessment at the completion of the course to determine the candidates’ ability to drive and instruct a learner driver
Please note the course has a six (6) month timeframe from commencement of the course for students to complete all the online project requirements outside of the block training.
It is expected that candidates enrolling in this course are competent in their ability to drive the vehicle for which they are going to instruct others in.  The initial driver evaluation will determine if a candidate is at standard.  Should it be deemed that driving ability is below standard then the candidate will be responsible for arranging their own individual tuition to improve their standard. This course does not include practical tuition for the candidate to learn to drive the vehicle and will only focus on preparing the candidate to instruct others how to drive the vehicle.


Fortnightly or as scheduled, please refer to schedule below
Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
Cert IV Car Instruction - 7 September 07/09/2020 15/09/2020 $2,990.00
Cert IV Car Instruction - 5 October 05/10/2020 13/10/2020 $2,990.00
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