VidGRD: Online Course - Grader

Online Course - Introduction to Grader Operations

This online Grader course covers in detail the theory, concepts and applications of working a grader safely and effectively.

The online grader course incorporates the following:
  1. Grader components and applications
  2. Grader work instructions
  3. Grader safety and emergency procedures
  4. Pre-inspection requirements
  5. Grader operations and applications
  6. Park and shutdown a grader
  7. Carrying out grader maintenance tasks
  8. Relocating a grader
  9. Clean up and processing required documentation
Requirements of this course:

View and complete six (6) interactive videos on grader operations.
Complete 35 online questions relating to grader operations.

Cost: $490.00

On the successful completion of this online grader course you will receive a Certificate of Completion (this will be emailed to you on the next business day)Whilst this online course comprises part of the national competency unit requirements of RIIMPO324F, full attainment of this competency cannot be achieved until the successful completion of the practical requirements is met.

If you wish to attain the full Australian unit of competency for grader operations (RIIMPO324F) you will need to complete the full course of Grader Operations.  The successful completion of this online grader course will be accepted as part completion of the full course for up to three (3) months from the completion date of this online course. The additional practical component fee will be $200.

Please call RMS Training on (08) 9400 7500 if you wish to enrol in the full grader course after the completion of this online grader course.
Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
Online Course - Grader $490.00
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